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Component Design


Super Button

Pyramid Structure

The entire DLS of Swiggy is divided into 3, they are Components, Recipe, and Snowflakes.


The Need

Swiggy is a convenient app more than a food app. Categories like Instamart, genie, handpicked, minis, etc have pushed the limits of DLS and its components. Buttons are one of the main components in DLS and it is important to maintain them properly. Here at Swiggy, a designer is exposed to many buttons, and over time it becomes an issue for both Engineers as well as designers to maintain them, and collectively use them. Thus a button that act as a parent, which can create all the existing button was created. We named it: Super Button


Any component requires proper documentation, states, and bases properly jotted out. This process was extremely difficult for a button that can create "n" variety of buttons.

The plan

Idea was to create a list of all buttons that currently exist in Swiggy and scope out other use cases that may come up in the future. Once done, we could properly document everything, create its specs, bases, and using the power of variants create a new component.

A glimpse on the specs:

Super Button.png

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