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UI Design


November 2020

Your personal assistant to aid you in hiring right person for your local jobs


The project was introduced by a couple of my friends for their startup.

They already had the idea and background study ready for this project.

My job was to create prototypes, design, and flow for the app.

The colour schemes and logos were given by the client.

About Project

Hiring the right person for a job is a big task. Things have been complex due to the covid 19 situation. There is a huge risk that an employee might leave his current job thus leaving the business dry. The Delo app helps to hire employees easily. 

corona job.png

Secondary Research

COVID-19 Impact

One of India’s largest tech platforms for blue-collar workforce management, Betterplace, has launched its yearly jobs report. The total jobs lost due to COVID-19 are estimated at over 10 lakhs while the income loss is pegged at Rs 2467 crore per month.

The report, which is based on the data from the last 5 years of over 1000 companies, 20,000 pin codes, 80 lakh employees, gives insights into the ground realities, pandemic impact concluding with the path to recovery.

  • Overall demand for jobs in 2020 would be 14 lakhs

  • The gig economy will lead to 80% of overall demand

  • Demand is at 70% of 2019 levels



Corona pandemic has shaken the world and shattered many industries. Employees (especially migrant workers) were displaced. This lead to a huge hole in the job market and employers found it difficult to find appropriate candidates to hire. The same goes for an employee who finds it difficult to get a new job. The main challenge was to reduce the gap between the employee and the employer.

Market Study

Most common Job seeking and providing apps like Linkedin, Naukri, Glassdoor, etc is focused on white-collar jobs and their penetration to hyperlocal space is very less to almost nil. This creates a space for a business to exist in hyperlocal space and thus Delo.

Hypothesis generation

  • Simple and intuitive for the users to understand and use

  • Building a go-to applications for local jobs

  • Reducing the gap between job seekers and providers

  • Removing the middle man from hiring a candidate

User Research

Conducting user research helps in understanding the user needs, experiences, behaviors, and goals. Creating personas helps us to step out of ourselves. It helps to recognize that different people have different
requirements and expectations, and also helps to identify to whom we're designing for​.

[CITYPNG.COM]HD Blue Apple iPhone 12 Pro Mockup PNG - 1681x2449.png

Interview Question for Employer

  • What kind of business do you own?

  • Do you have any franchises?

  • How will you hire someone for a job?

  • Have you ever faced any difficulty while hiring someone?

  • How do you trust your employee if he is a beginner?

  • How did Covid19 impact your business?

  • Does hiring someone takes time?

Interview Question for Job seeker

  • What kind of jobs do you prefer?

  • Do you prefer any employer?

  • Apart from money is there something you look for in an employer?

  • How did Covid19 impact your job?

  • How do you trust your employer?

  • How do you negotiate your salary?

User Persona


Name: Bhaskaran
Age: 72
Profession: Small scale hotel owner

He was forced to close his shop and release his worker who hails from Bihar due to the covid situation. After the ease in covid restrictions, he was able to open his shop but was unable to find a replacement for his worker. He finds it difficult to hire a new worker in a short time.




Name : Hassan
Age: 25
Profession: Expert porotta maker

He lost his job as a porotta maker in a local hotel. He was
also not able to migrate to his native place, therefore to
survive he had to find a new job in his current place but
found it extremely difficult.


  • Covid has affected both employees and employers.

  • Lack of proper one-stop solution to bag a local job.

  • Hiring is a time-consuming process.

  • There is a lack of effective communication.

Current flow of hiring

old user flow.png

Challenges in current flow

• It takes more time to hire someone
• Middlemen might take commissions
• Word of mouth marketing has limitations
• Lack of choices for both employer and employee​

New flow of hiring


Advantages of New Flow

• It takes less time to hire someone
• Middlemen is eliminated
• More Choices for both Employee and Employer

Low Fidelity Prototype


High Fidelity Prototype


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